One of the things I most often want to learn about prominent photographers is not necessarily why they shoot, but rather what they like in their own work. I always tell people that with my photography, I shoot and edit the way I personally like something to look and hope that others will too. With the exception of commissioned work, I always shoot for myself. If others like it, that’s an extra layer of gratification. I don’t think I’m unique in that perspective – the only way I can do my best work is to do what inspires me.

The above photograph is a perfect example of that. Shot in White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, it’s one of my favorites – a yucca plant with a fiery sunset and the San Andres Mountains in the distance.

What connected me with the setting was this plant that looked like a golfer in mid-backswing. As someone who loves golf, it struck me immediately though others may have looked past it. That’s what I try to find in every scene – sometimes with more success than others.